GOP lawmakers blame Obama administration over failed missile tests

Four high-ranking Republican lawmakers criticized the Obama administration on Friday for three failed tests of the country’s missile-defense system, saying budget cuts and neglect are to blame.

“While it may take some time to reach a final diagnosis of the cause of the July 5th test failure, it is already clear that President Obama’s decision to drastically cut funding for the GMD program since he came to office and to ‘curtail additional GMD development’ has drained funding available to conduct needed tests of this system,” the letter from the lawmakers said.

In 2008, funding for GMD was close to $2 billion. By 2012, the GMD budget had been slashed in half with more cuts projected over the next five years.

“Such funding cuts have touched every facet of the GMD program, including its maintenance,” the letter said.

Full article: GOP lawmakers blame Obama administration over failed missile tests (FOX News)

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