Karzai wants US guarantee to strike Pak militarily in case country’s security threatened

Islamabad, July 7 (ANI): Afghan President Hamid Karzai wants a mutual security pact with the United States that would compel the super power to protect Afghanistan against Pakistan.

Under the pact, the U.S., if possible, even take direct military action against Taliban havens on Pakistani soil, the New York Times quoted Afghan sources as saying.

According to the newspaper, Karzai was fumed that Washington’s attempt to begin peace talks with the Taliban in Qatar was in reality an attempt to cut him out and make an American deal with the Taliban.

The Taliban’s sudden willingness to talk in June looked like a potential coup for American diplomacy, the Daily Times reports.

The Taliban also opened their office in Qatar for the talks which fumed Karzai, making him quickly calling off Afghan participation in the talks.

And now, two weeks later, persuading him to restore his delegation, Karzai wants the U.S to sign the security pact.

He wants a firm commitment on the number of American troops that would stay in Afghanistan after 2014 withdrawal and a lead role in peace efforts.

According to the report, some Afghan officials said Karzai and some in his inner circle also seem to believe that the United States needs Afghanistan just as badly, and that they can strong-arm the Obama administration.

Full article: Karzai wants US guarantee to strike Pak militarily in case country’s security threatened (News Track India)

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