China’s Foray Into Bhutan Worries India

After intruding into the Indian territory of Ladakh, China has made a foray into Bhutan, India’s neighbor and one of its closest allies, according to an intelligence note in possession of the Indian news channel, Times Now.

The channel reported that China’s People Liberation Army (PLA) had intruded into Bhutan and set up three camps and was carrying out patrols.

Times Now alleged that the Beijing government was reportedly carrying out surveillance at two locations on May 28, according to the intelligence note in their possession.

The report comes just months after New Delhi and Beijing had a diplomatic row over a border dispute and alleged intrusions by the People Liberation Army of China. However, the row died down after Chinese troops withdrew from the disputed land at the border.

Full article: China’s Foray Into Bhutan Worries India (Headlines & Global News)

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