FBI seeks $1.2 million for NY Fed that vanished from SWISS jet

(Reuters) – More than $1 million in cash headed for the Federal Reserve Bank of New York disappeared from a SWISS International Air Line’s jet that landed at John F. Kennedy International Airport, the FBI said on Tuesday.

Before it vanished, the $1.2 million had been in the cargo hold of Flight 17 from Zurich to New York, which landed on Saturday afternoon, an FBI spokeswoman said. Officials had previously said that the flight landed on Monday.

FBI agents were investigating with the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey, which runs the area airports.

Susanne Mühlemann, a spokeswoman for the airline, declined to comment on the investigation.

“We do not have any indication of any item being removed from a SWISS airline’s aircraft,” Mühlemann said.

Full article: FBI seeks $1.2 million for NY Fed that vanished from SWISS jet (Reuters)

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