Colombia establishes closer information security links with NATO

Colombia and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization signed an agreement on information security that will allow exploring future cooperation and consultation in areas of common interest. The agreement was signed on Tuesday in Brussels by NATO Secretary General Ambassador Alexander Vershbow and the Defense Minister of Colombia, Juan Carlos Pinzón Bueno.

“As an Alliance of democracies, we are gratified when countries sharing similar values reach out to us,” the Deputy Secretary General said during his meeting with Minister Pinzón Bueno.

Ambassador Vershbow said that Allies have agreed to pursue tailored cooperation with Colombia on a case-by-case basis, in areas of common interest and that by signing this accord NATO and Colombia stress their shared interest in consultation and cooperation.

The Security of Information Agreement does not formally recognize Colombia as a NATO partner but constitutes a first step for future cooperation in the security field.

However it will facilitate the participation of Colombia in a number of NATO activities. Colombia has already participated in the 2011 NATO Conference on Building Integrity, which was held in Monterey, California.

The Ambassador added that NATO has a wide range of partners because global challenges require global solutions. “Cooperative security, through the development of partnerships, is one of the Alliance’s key priorities. NATO’s partnerships over the past two decades have been a real success story,” the Deputy Secretary General underlined.

He added that the Alliance has a large network of partners engaged with the organization in a variety of ways.

Full article: Colombia establishes closer information security links with NATO (Merco Press)

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