Somaliland’s role in a potential military conflict between Ethiopia and Egypt

Tension is increasing as Ethiopia and Egypt continue to butt heads over the Nile River. Ethiopia remains firm on building the $4.2 billion Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam. Egypt is determined to stop Ethiopia from building the dam, claiming that Egypt is the “gift of the Nile” and water supply will decrease by 20% and hydroelectric power would decrease by 40%.

The battle over the Nile has already drawn neighboring countries into the dispute. Sudan and South Sudan have expressed their support for Ethiopia’s dam, while Somalia might show their allegiance to Egypt.

Earlier this month, Egyptian army officials arrived in Somalia to discuss revamping the Somalia National Army and building a possible Egyptian military base. It appears that if Egypt & Ethiopia do go to war, Egypt is relying on Somalia’s strategic location to attack Ethiopia. In order to do so, they will need to go through Somaliland first – with the help of Somalia.

Somaliland’s strongest ally in Africa is Ethiopia. Since reclaiming the independence we were granted in 1960, Ethiopia and Somaliland have shared an unbreakable bond. Both countries have operated on issues such as trade and security. A close relationship – but not close enough considering the fact they have yet to recognize Somaliland as a sovereign nation.

Regardless, Somaliland remains loyal to their brothers of Ethiopia. If the two countries do go to the war we will support them through thick and thin.

Full article: Somaliland’s role in a potential military conflict between Ethiopia and Egypt (Tigrai Online)

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