N. Korea Brings Out Attack Boats

North Korean warships are busy plying both East and West Seas, including semi-submersible craft recently moved to a forward base near the Northern Limit Line in the West Sea.

The semi-submersibles are often seen docking at a forward base in waters near the Northern Limit Line in the West Sea, a government source in Seoul said. South Korea and the U.S. are keeping close track of their movements.

The semi-submersibles are normally deployed at a submarine base dozens of kilometers from the NLL. They are about 10 m long and used to carry commandos into enemy territory and can run above the surface of the water at a speed of 70 km/h but submerge 10 to 20 m if necessary. They can slip under the radar even if they run above the water and are equipped with light torpedoes.

Full article: N. Korea Brings Out Attack Boats (The Chosun Ilbo)

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