Angela Merkel’s advice for Europe’s unemployed: move

Germany’s chancellor Angela Merkel has a simple message for the millions young people in the eurozone who are out of work – move.

In an interview, Mrs Merkel said the high levels of youth unemployment in Europe represent a “huge crisis”, comparing the eurozone’s difficulties with post-Communist eastern Germany.

Speaking to the BBC, she said that when unemployment soared after the fall of the Berlin Wall, “many young people … only had jobs because they moved to the south.” Mrs Merkel said: “I think it’s unfair that it is the young people especially who have to pay the bill for something they didn’t do.

“But there’s no way around it. We have to manufacture products or offer services in Europe that we can sell.”

Her comments are the latest indication of Germany’s concern that the prolonged economic crisis in southern Europe is putting the European project under strain. Germany is seeking to attract more migrants from crisis-hit countries to meet its own shortage of skilled workers.

In the interview, the German chancellor emphasised the need for economic reforms that would make Europe more competitive rather than insisting on limits to government spending.

Full article: Angela Merkel’s advice for Europe’s unemployed: move (The Telegraph)

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