UK troops train for Balkans role

Twenty years after UK personnel first deployed to Bosnia as part of the United Nations Protection Force, some 85 soldiers from Number 1 Company (No 1 Coy), The 1st Battalion Irish Guards, travelled to the country to rehearse their potential call-up as one of the intermediate reserve units of the European Military Force (EUFOR).

Restructured in 2012 as a result of improving security in the region, EUFOR’s primary role is to build the capacity of the Bosnian armed forces.

A 600-strong contingent is based permanently in theatre, with 600 additional troops held on standby in 6 EU nations to react to potential unrest.

Exercise Quick Response was the first test of the emergency troop surge and saw the guardsmen training alongside their counterparts from the Austrian, Turkish and Hungarian armies.

Collectively known as the EUFOR Multinational Battalion, the standby units and 2 companies permanently stationed in Bosnia are commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Alfred Steingressz of the Austrian Army.

Full article: UK troops train for Balkans role (GOV.UK)

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