The Encirclement Gathers Pace: China Enters Into a “Strategic Partnership” With Mexico

As if Mexico didn’t already have enough problems with gangsters.

On his way to a San Francisco Summit with Barack Obama, new Chinese President Xi Jinping has visited Costa Rica and Marxist led Cuba and Brazil, to build up his Latin American support.

Most significant however was his meeting with Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto. This visit signals a new phase in Mexico/China relations. One that will have a big impact on the United States.

From the Communist Party of China website:

MEXICO CITY – Chinese President Xi Jinping and his Mexican counterpart Enrique Pena Nieto Tuesday announced to upgrade the bilateral relationship to a comprehensive strategic partnership.

The Chinese president arrived in Mexico City earlier in the day for a three-day state visit aimed at lifting the China-Mexico strategic partnership to a higher level, and held talks with Pena Nieto on bilateral cooperation.

During the talks, the two presidents agreed that strengthening the China-Mexico long-term friendly cooperation serves the fundamental interests of the two countries and two peoples, and helps promote unity and cooperation among developing countries.

The two heads of state agreed to push forward the China-Mexico comprehensive strategic partnership by working jointly in the following four aspects.

Firstly, the two sides will view their relations from a strategic and long-term perspective and improve political mutual trust. The two countries will accommodate each other’s concerns, and show mutual understanding and support on issues concerning each other’s core interests.

China and Mexico will maintain exchanges between high-level leaders, political parties and legislatures, give full play to the existing consultation and dialogue mechanisms, and improve coordination on each other’s development strategies.

Thirdly, as two major countries with rich cultural traditions, China and Mexico will improve cultural exchanges. Both countries will encourage more exchanges between art troupes, promote tourism and strengthen communication among students, academics, journalists and athletes.

China will build a Chinese cultural center in Mexico City, the first in Latin America and the Caribbean, and Mexico will establish a Mexican cultural center in Beijing as well.

Fourthly, China and Mexico will improve multilateral coordination based on their common interests and responsibilities on major international issues.

The two countries will maintain close communication and coordination on global economic governance, energy security, food safety and climate change.

They will help developing countries gain a bigger voice in the international community, and safeguard the common interests of the two countries and the developing nations.

China and Mexico support the establishment of the China-Latin America forum and promote the overall cooperation between China and Latin America at a higher level.

As two emerging powers, Mexico and China are each other’s important strategic cooperative partners, and the Mexican side is ready to forge closer ties with the Chinese side to achieve common development, the Mexican president said.

China is ready to work with Mexico to constantly enrich the content of bilateral strategic partnership, promote mutually beneficial cooperation and contribute to world peace, stability and prosperity, he said.

Xi said his visit to Mexico aims to deepen mutual trust, expand cooperation and enhance friendship. “I believe with our joint efforts,

China-Mexico relations will enter a new stage,” he said.

Full article: The Encirclement Gathers Pace: China Enters Into a “Strategic Partnership” With Mexico (Trevor Loudon)

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