Strike when necessary in South China Sea: Chinese scholar

Taipei, May 27 (CNA) China should hit out when necessary to resolve rows over some shoals in the South China Sea that are unlawfully occupied by other countries, a Chinese scholar has urged.

In a recent interview with a Shanghai-based radio, Han Xudong, a professor at the PLA National Defense University, issued the call on grounds that it is hard to settle the territorial disputes in that region through soft power such as “diplomatic maneuvering” and China “should strike at any time when necessary against any attempt by other countries to take control of the islets there.

Diplomacy only leverages when backed by military might,” he said, questioning why China cannot make military moves now that the Renai Shoal and Scarborough Shoal are the sovereign territory of China?

Since China’s marine power now is strong enough to protect national interests and rights, China should exercise its diplomatic and military clouts interactively to achieve its aim, he contended.

…Han said that the Philippines has long been coveting shoals in the South China Sea and taking control of them since its independence after World War II, at a time when China was mired in internal fighting and its marine forces were powerless.

Full article: Strike when necessary in South China Sea: Chinese scholar (Focus Taiwan News Channel)

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