MI6 chief’s chilling warning: We can’t stop terror attacks

THE security forces are virtually powerless to stop atrocities like the Woolwich murder, a former MI6 chief admitted.

Amid growing fears of copycat attacks and rising community tensions, Richard Barrett said preventing such terror attacks was “incredibly hard”.

“I think it is incredibly hard to stop,” he said. “When does a person who expresses radical views, who joins a radical group, flip over to be a violent extremist? To find the signals, the red flags as it were, I think is enormously hard.

MI5 and MI6 must go after the most dangerous suspects who travel abroad for terrorist training, he said. “The Security Service (MI5) has limited resources. They must prioritise people who are most likely to move from being interested in violent extremism to carrying it out.

“Even if you have the resources to do it, you have to have a very high level of suspicion to put surveillance on them.

“What are you monitoring? Lots of people have very odd views.”

Full article: MI6 chief’s chilling warning: We can’t stop terror attacks (Daily Express)

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