Germany to Store Europe’s Energy

Power transition will result in domineering monopoly.

Whether it’s storing money, gold, armaments or sustainable energy, 2013 has seen Europe’s largest country rapidly gobble up key assets, positioning it as continental chief operating officer.

Recently Germany’s government approved €150 million of new investment capital to maintain its Energy Transition policy, or Energiewende. The program is managed by the Ministries of Economics, Environment, Education and Research.

This phase of stimulus is dubbed “sustainable power grids” and comes as part of the government’s sixth stage of energy research. Once created, these power grids will act as smart distribution centers managing supply and demand. The research has established an “Internet of Energy,” which forecasts a 10 percent reduction in domestic utility costs and a 20 percent reduction for commercial businesses.

So ambitious is Germany’s Energiewende objective that its goal is to be 60 percent reliant on sustainable renewable smart energies within the next four decades. These advancements are significant, with wind, hydro, bio and photovoltaic sources providing 23 percent of its national electricity usage last year, with various sectors already self-sustaining.

In addition, government officials have attended a bevy of industry trade shows and conventions within and without Europe, offering low-interest incentives in an effort to attract investment in the energy storage program.

Germany exported more energy in 2012 than at any time over the previous five years,” claims Germany Trade and Invest. “That’s eyebrow-raising enough, but the real head-turner was that Europe’s powerhouse had managed to do this despite the ongoing shutdown of all its nuclear energy-producing facilities. This was because of the ever increasing share contributed by Germany’s renewable energy industry, which in 2012 accounted for 23 percent of Germany’s power usage and produced 9.3 percent more energy than in 2011.”

It is such “prosperity and affluence on a national scale” that Germany continues to procure through its policy, led by its corporate elites, of leadership through domination of industry and commerce as the fiscal gatekeeper of EU fortunes.

The Holy Bible, prophesies of these very events, identifying Europe’s economic powerhouse as most venerated by the “merchants of the earth” (Nahum 3:16; Revelation 18:3, 11, 15, 23).

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