CIA Source: 4th Shoe About to Drop

In a very short period of time three scandals have rocked the Obama administration — Benghazi, the IRS, and the illegal seizure of AP reporters’ phone calls. The real truth, though, is that four scandals now beset the administration since there was no resolution to Fast and Furious due to Justice Department stonewalling.

But in spite of the fact that the mainstream media totally ignores Fast and Furious, which would make four scandals if the truth were important to elected officials and the mainstream media, a CIA official has told a Drudge Report editor that a fourth shoe is about to drop, make that the 5th shoe in the correct count, that has Obama political operatives at the White House literally shaking in their boots.

Weasel Zippers reported that Drudge Editor Joseph Curl stated that the source at CIA says that this is the one scandal that truly has the White House in a state of fear and panic. But as of yet no one has been told what the scandal entails.

Petraeus has already struck fear in the minds of administration officials when he leaked information to the effect that when he saw the official administration talking points early on concerning the Benghazi massacre, he stated to an aid that he was not willing to use any of that information. Curiously, shortly afterward news was leaked to the press about his affair, which led to his resignation. Some believe that Petraeus would like to provide further testimony to Congress in order to clear his name and to call to account Obama officials who concocted a sordid fiction to explain the massacre away.

But no one at this point can be certain even of that explanation.

One thing is for certain, however. The CIA source that provided top secret information that a mega-scandal is brewing has been 100 percent reliable in the past when providing hot tips concerning the murky underbelly of Washington, D.C.

Full article: CIA Source: 4th Shoe About to Drop (LA Examiner)

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