China army developing advanced robot soldiers

Those who continue to think China isn’t advanced or can’t do any harm to the U.S. need to reassess the planet they live on. Within the next five to ten years, maybe sooner, the PLA could very likely be more advanced than the U.S. Military. It would be fair to say that they’re almost on equal footing now because there’s so much we don’t know buried in their black budget and state secrets, yet keep finding out from time to time. It would be fair to also say that roughly only 20% — 40% of their secrets are revealed.

BEIJING: China is developing robots with a lot more capabilities for battle, “information acquisition, command and control, and collaborative support,” official sources said. But the official Chinese media is saying its effort is different from the manner in which military robots have been developed in the US.

“The Chinese military has its own orientation and direction, and is very different from western militaries, such as the United States Armed Forces, in developing digitalized troops,” an official military publication said.

The government recently disclosed its efforts on this count in a white paper on national defence titled “The Diversified Employment of China’s Armed Forces”. It said the People’s Liberation Army is “prioritizing digitalized troops”. The PLA is not “building” digitalized troops but “prioritizing” them. It was made clear that robotic soldiers were are already in place.

Full article: China army developing advanced robot soldiers (The Times of India)

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