Chinese military unit said to resume cyber spying

The clandestine army unit, known as Unit 61398, “went quiet for a while — they changed the nature of their activities, they removed some of the tools that they had been using inside of different companies,” said Richard Bejtlich of Mandiant, which specializes in defending companies from cyber attacks and purging malware from computer networks that have been breached.

“But over the course of the last several weeks it seems they are trying to ramp back up…. They seem to be trying to get back into some of their old targets,” he said.

On Tuesday, Gen. Keith Alexander, who heads the National Security Agency and U.S. Cyber Command, told a cyber-security summit sponsored by the Reuters news agency that U.S. computer networks are under constant attack, in some cases by those seeking to steal valuable corporate secrets and in other cases by adversaries bent on disrupting or destroying networks.

Mark my words, it’s going to get worse,” Alexander said, according to Reuters. “The disruptive and destructive attacks on our country will get worse and … if we don’t do something, the theft of intellectual property will get worse.”

Full article: Chinese military unit said to resume cyber spying (LA Times)

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