UN Report Promotes Child Prostitution and Sexual Slavery

A report by the United Nations Development’s Program’s Global Commission on HIV and the Law, funded in part by a grant from George Soros’ Open Society Foundation, has a peculiar prescription for combating AIDS.  It calls on governments around the world to legalize prostitution, including child prostitution, and drug use.

World Congress of Families Managing Director Larry Jacobs observed: “This is insane.  The ‘reasoning,’ if it can even be called that, is that by criminalizing prostitution, governments promote the spread of AIDS. The report actually claims that women make a rational choice to sell their bodies, based on economic considerations, and should not be discouraged from doing so.  It also claims that age-of-consent laws violate the right of children to be similarly degraded and abused.”

Dr. Janet Shaw Crouse, of Concerned Women for America’s Beverly LaHaye Institute (and a member of the World Congress of Families Management Committee), noted that, should the prescription of the UN report be followed: “We can fully expect increased HIV and sex trafficking, more suffering and deaths, and more underground criminal activity as has been the case everywhere that prostitution has been legalized.  Sadly, facts get buried under leftist ideology.  The tired arguments about ‘sex work’ ending exploitation and condoms or clean needles providing ‘harm reduction’ have been refuted over and over again, yet the left continues to fund such efforts even as victims continue to be exploited and human misery continues to mount.”  In 2010, Crouse debated legalizing prostitution at the Oxford Union.

Justin Murff, Director of Set Free: Now!, a World Congress of Families Partner, added: “We’re concerned that the report’s call for more sexual autonomy of youth would give rise to an increase of child sex trafficking and forced prostitution as more and more young people, including young children, will be considered easy targets by pedophiles who will no longer have to fear prosecution. Already we are seeing the age of consent lowered, in some countries to as young as 12, all in the name of children’s ‘rights’ to physical autonomy.”

Full article: UN Report Promotes Child Prostitution and Sexual Slavery (Christian News Wire)

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