It Doesn’t Fit the Narrative, Part Two

Most know who George Soros is, but perhaps not as much as they’d like to believe. More well-sourced and factual information about Soros can be found here — more than you could ever ask for, or want to know.

The intelligence community that we know no longer exists, as it has been infiltrated long ago and is redirecting its agenda.

Last October we explained how the Benghazi incident  highlighted the very sad politicization of the Intelligence reporting of the United States. Not at the functional level, but at various points in the political leadership. Click the link below and read the post in light of this week’s revelations:

It Doesn’t Fit the Narrative

To be fair, there were cases of politicization of defense and intelligence matters in the Bush years as well, with the media questioning whether or not there really were WMDs in Iraq and the whole Valerie Plame situation to name a couple of incidents.

In our case, we have first-hand evidence of a problem in this regard. We were repeatedly told that “no one wants to go there”  and that “it doesn’t fit the narrative” when we presented credible evidence of financial market manipulation that took place in 2008 and threats of worse going forward. In private meetings with Intelligence Officials, some privately acknowledged that “the narrative” prevented a thorough review of what took place in the financial crash. They said it was “in the past” and no one wanted to look back. Of course, this is from the same Administration that said last September’s Benghazi tragedy was “a long time ago.”

The fact is that I was recruited by the Department of Defense to produce a report that clearly demonstrated American vulnerability to economic warfare. I then spent months attempting to draw serious attention to this shocking reality. There was an internal political effort to marginalize the issue and even threats to classify the work to prevent Americans from seeing it. We have the emails that prove this. When the report finally surfaced, there was a vitriolic discredit effort launched at Media Matters and other locations. But that is politics and it is easy to understand why Media Matters, funded in part by George Soros might have their opinionEven Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz, no right-winger, understands the political agenda behind Media Matters. But the most troubling aspect is that the Administration purposely avoided looking into the economic warfare threat. This isn’t just our view, it was what was clearly shared with Bill Gertz by Pentagon Insiders in 2011:

Full article: It Doesn’t Fit the Narrative, Part Two (Global Economic  Warfare | Kevin D. Freeman)

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