Pentagon Paying Chinese for Satellite Bandwidth

Not to worry. The Chinese would never attempt to hack US military intelligence communication systems. Sadly today, as with that one-liner, US national security concerns are also a joke.

The Pentagon revealed late last week it is paying the Chinese $10 million for a one-year lease for a satellite that allows U.S. troops on the African continent to keep in touch and share information, Wired reports.

The announcement has U.S. policymakers on edge.

The Pentagon insists any data passed on the satellite is protected.

The Pentagon could soon lease more satellite bandwidth from the Chinese as its needs increase with every new drone and soldier.

Experts are concerned even coded, encrypted data could be used by the Chinese to gain access to important U.S. military intelligence.

Full article: Pentagon Paying Chinese for Satellite Bandwidth (Washington Free Beacon)

Alternative link: Pentagon leaning on Chinese satellite for Africa Command communications (Russia Today)

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