On China’s Rising Hatred Of The Japanese, And Why The BoJ Just Doesn’t Get It

It is becoming increasingly evident that Japan is attempting to use monetary policy to paper over the cracks of imploding foreign policy decisions. The ‘storm in a teacup’ that has brought China and Japan into fierce rhetorical battles over the Senkaku (or Diaoyu) Islands is having far more deep-seated impacts on the people of the two nations – and implicitly their buying habits. Unfortunately for the embattled Japanese – they are the ones in need far more than vice versa.

As Bloomberg reports, discrimination against Japanese is increasingly common in China, as the head of China’s Honda plant notes, he’s “never worked in a more hostile place.” The dispute over the islands is raising resentment with bars and restaurants showings signs at the door saying, ‘Japanese are barred from entering.’ “Wherever I go, like department stores or in taxis, people ask me whether I am Japanese,” and the reaction can be frosty. Simply put, no matter how cheap the Japanese make their cars by explicitly devaluing their currency, the largest auto market in the world (that of the Chinese) will not be buying; summed up rather bleakly, “I don’t really care about [car] brands,… but there are cars I won’t buy — the Japanese ones. The reason is simple: Diaoyu.”

Full article: On China’s Rising Hatred Of The Japanese, And Why The BoJ Just Doesn’t Get It (Zero Hedge)

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