Iran says it may need to enrich uranium to 56%

Iran would enrich uranium to 56 percent in order to fuel boats and submarines if it needed to operate such vessels, the head of the country’s nuclear agency said Tuesday.

International treaties forbid countries from enriching uranium to 20% or higher, since that type of enrichment is considered too high for civilian usage and indicates it could be for military purposes.

Israel has said Iran is only a few months away from the threshold of having material to turn into a bomb and has vowed to use all means to prevent it from reaching that point. The United States has not said what its “red line” is, but President Barack Obama has said that it will not tolerate an Iran armed with nuclear weapons. In an interview on Israel’s Channel 2 on Tuesday, President Shimon Peres said he was “100 percent certain” Obama would use force to thwart Iran’s nuclear program if all else failed.

Full article: Iran says it may need to enrich uranium to 56% (The Times of Israel)

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