SAVAGE: ‘We may be forced to attack North Korea before they attack us’

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un is now threatening to wipe out American cities through the use of nuclear weapons.

Dr. Savage ponders the motivation behind these threats, contemplates possible U.S. responses and explains how Asian “honor culture” might be influencing Kim Jong Un’s behavior.

“North Korea’s leader has backed himself into a corner,” explained Michael Savage, noting:

If you know anything about Asian culture, and the concept of “saving face,” if the boss of North Korea has approved a merciless nuke attack on the U.S., then he has to do something to save face.

That means we have to do something first.

And in turn, that means that I think the United States may be forced to attack North Korea before North Korea attacks Guam or Japan.

On the other hand, we could look at the conspiracy theory that North Korea knows something about our inept military that we don’t know.

They look at John Kerry.

They look at Defense Secretary (Chuck) Hagel.

Then the North Koreans conclude that America won’t do anything.

We don’t know what Kim is liable to do.

We don’t know what bubble he lives in.

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