Russian official says U.S. now directing ‘Libyan scenario’ in Syria

A leading Russian official provided details of purported U.S. support of the rebellion against Syrian President Bashar Assad. Alexei Pushkov, chairman of parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee, said Washington was directing and organizing supplies of weapons and other equipment to Sunni rebels.

“The political maneuver phase has come to an end, and the West is
starting to implement a modified Libyan scenario in Syria, which is to ouster Assad by supporting rebels and providing them with weapons,” Pushkov said.

“It is no secret that American military instructors are training
militants at bases in Jordan,” Pushkov said.

The next step, Pushkov said, would be direct Western supplies of weapons to the Syrian rebels. He said Britain and France could begin the arms flow in May.

Full article: Russian official says U.S. now directing ‘Libyan scenario’ in Syria (World Tribune)

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