Predicting the Fall of the American Empire

A disturbing current report at reflects what appears to be a growing consensus by enemies of the United States that our days our numbered:



It is not unusual for the Iranians to make such proclamations. What is unusual, however, is for the timing to be so specific. When you couple this with the al Qaeda call for “Operation Black Summer” as well as recent North Korea threats to strike targets in America, including, “deep in the heart of Texas.”

All of this seems absurd on its face. The American Empire end in 2013? Al Qaeda joining with the Russians and Chinese to cyber attack America into submission? The North Koreans to launch all-out nuclear war?

The disconcerting part is that all of this is ramping up at the same time. We already know that Chinese and Russian computer hacking has targeted our nation with potentially dire economic effects. And, we know that North Korea has nuclear weapons. What we doubt is that the North Koreans have either long-range missiles capable of hitting the Continental U.S. or the guidance system to direct them.

Full article: Predicting the Fall of the American Empire (Global Economic Warfare)

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