‘Ship carrying Iranian weapons en route to Syria’

A ship carrying Iranian weapons was sailing through the Red Sea making its way to Syria, al-Arabiya reported on Saturday, citing opposition sources.

“The ship is said to be carrying 8,500 tons of weapons and ground missiles from Iran to be given to the Syrian regime,” the source said. “It is scheduled to make a ‘fuel stop’ at a Syrian port where it will unload its cargo.”

The source also said that the vessel is owned by Syrians and that it was registered in Lebanon and has links to Hezbollah.

Syrian opposition officials reportedly asked Egypt to detain the ship, which is flying a Tanzanian flag, and inspect its cargo holds when it passes through the Suez Canal.

Iran is a longtime ally of Syrian President Bashar Assad, who has been waging a civil war against rebel forces for the last two years.

Full article: ‘Ship carrying Iranian weapons en route to Syria’ (The Times of Israel)

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