Cypriot lessons in courting the Russian Bear

Cyprus is not the only island nation to roll out the red carpet for Russia’s riches. Since the Soviet Union’s collapse, London has welcomed Russian expatriates who made their fortunes plundering the collapsing state, but at what cost, asks a British journalist.

An island state advertises itself as the destination of choice for the super-rich – mainly from Russia – to launder their money and reputations, while enjoying the high life and low taxes. Then it discovers all is not what it seems.

London is both playground and battleground for rich Russians. Occasionally, things go wrong. The murder of Alexander Litvinenko in the capital was one of the more brazen attacks. The discovery on Saturday of the corpse of Boris Berezovsky at his well-guarded Berkshire mansion has raised more suspicions. Was it the suicide, as was the initial suggestion, of a man who had lost much of his fortune taking on his enemies? Or was it something more sinister?

Full article: Cypriot lessons in courting the Russian Bear (Presseurop)

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