Beijing tests ‘killer’ missile

While the rest of the world is fixated on the Cypriot situation, Beijing completes yet again another carrier killer missile. For the story on the Gobi Desert aircraft carrier killer missile test, click here. Concerned people might want to ask why the United States is allowing for Chinese to train on U.S. soil while it simultaneously preps for war against it. The Chinese get a warm invitation to learn the enemy fighting tactics while also being exposed to enemy military technology. It all amounts to a winning situation — and for China only.

CHINA has successfully tested a “carrier killer” missile designed to change the military balance of power in Asia by deterring US aircraft carrier operations up to 2000km from Chinese shores.

It comes amid rising concern in Washington about warlike language from China, such as a recent article in the Liberation Army Daily calling for an end to “romantic pacifism” and “full preparation” for war.

The new Chinese missile test appears to be shown in satellite photographs of two bull’s-eye craters on a 200m white platform mocked up in the Gobi Desert to simulate the deck of a carrier, according to media reports in Taiwan. The images, which military analysts believe show the impact of a DF-21D anti-ship missile, appeared on Google Earth in late January.

It is so precise that the US navy has reportedly been forced to develop a range of highly classified counter-measures.

Full article: Beijing tests ‘killer’ missile (The Australian)

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