Did Navy Make Pearl Harbor Mistake Again?


A photo of five U.S. nuclear aircraft carriers docked in Norfolk, Va., the world’s largest naval station, has gone viral on the Internet amid speculation the ships could be sitting ducks for a Pearl Harbor-type attack or were docked due to sequestration.

The photo first appeared in early February amid concerns that having the carriers lined up in one location breached long-standing Navy protocol.

The carriers docked together in Norfolk were the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower, USS George H.W. Bush, USS Enterprise, USS Harry S. Truman and the USS Abraham Lincoln.

Sources said the USS Truman, like the USS Eisenhower, was to be deployed to the Persian Gulf under Central Command in early February. The mission similarly was canceled, however, with the Eisenhower being the only carrier and task force group heading there.

The USS Lincoln also had been ordered to port for what was described as a two-year refueling mission, but the Navy canceled that effort due to sequestration.

The website of the USS Lincoln showed a series of recent photographs of crew members, on land, doing physical training to pass the time until Congress can approve new operating funds for the carrier and the others delayed due to sequestration.

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