Obama’s dangerous defense experiment

The United States military is blatantly being used as a divisive political wedge and being dismantled under the guise of a “sequester”, which is only the latest political means to an end. The US economic crisis is in general being used for a variety the Obama administration’s objectives. If this were happening in China the public and media would call this a coup and a national takeover. However, with the American public, the lights are on but nobody’s home.

The United States has cut down the military so rapidly and so blindly, we’re in danger of breaking the back of the force.

Mindful of the repeated rounds of cuts the military has already endured, Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs, recently delivered a grim warning: “If you want [the military] to be doing what it’s doing today, then we can’t give you another dollar.”

His worries reflect reductions that started in 2009 and have reached crippling levels, even in President Obama’s proposals to avert sequestration. I take the general at his word, but I am concerned that the president does not.

Already, Pentagon planners are going through the laundry list of missions that could be cut. The Navy has been forced to keep a carrier in port rather than send it on a scheduled deployment to the Middle East. That message is not lost on the Iranians.

The Air Force will be hit so hard, its leadership is being forced to cut flight hours for air crews. If they cannot train adequately enough to deploy, our pilots may well be grounded during the next national crisis.

The Marine Corps faces an equally dire outlook, where cuts are so deep we risk losing the Marines as a deployable force. Adm. Jonathan Greenert, chief of naval operations, warned in congressional testimony that because there will be no amphibious ready group around Africa, the Marines can no longer provide quick-reaction support to our embassies there. The next time America needs to call 911, we may not be able to call in the Marines.

The Army faces similar challenges, as do the industries that support the Defense Department.

Full article: Obama’s dangerous defense experiment (LA Times)

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