Welcome to the Party–It’s About Time People Realized that the PLA is Engaged in Economic Warfare

People are SHOCKED to learn today that the PLA has been hacking corporations to steal trade secrets, learn negotiating strategies, and otherwise engage in activity that any normal person would call economic warfare. Never mind that it is straight from the PLA’s Unrestricted Warfare playbook as outlined in 1999. Never mind that it has been obvious to nearly every one else in the world. Sadly, Americans (including some of our political leadership) have been naively denying any possibility of such Chinese activity. They have clearly been ignoring reality to avoid having to admit what we know to be true.We are in a global economic war and are wholly unprepared to properly engage in it.

Today, reports were everywhere acknowledging China’s role in this economic warfare. We should be more precise. It is obvious that the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) is responsible. They have been using these techniques for years. Sadly, the current assumption is that the motive behind the computer attacks is purely economic in nature. Anyone who has studied the PLA should know better. The Chinese PLA has drawn up plans to ensure China comes out on top regardless of the economic effect. In fact, the PLA views economic capability as much as a weapon as a goal unto itself. Of course the Chinese businessperson is hoping to maximize profit. But that is not the culture of the military. Militaries study how to kill, break, and capture.

Full article: Welcome to the Party–It’s About Time People Realized that the PLA is Engaged in Economic Warfare (Global Economic Warfare)

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