Generals opting out as Turkish military seen ‘turning from secular to Islamist’

ANKARA — Turkey’s once powerful General Staff is reportedly struggling
amid the resignation of senior military officers.

Military sources said senior officers were increasingly choosing early
retirement rather than confront the intervention of Prime Minister Recep

They said many of the officers were dismayed by the return of
personnel linked to Islamist groups as well as the arrest of 400 officers accused of supporting a coup against the ruling Justice and Development Party.

“The conclusion of many of mid- and senior-level officer is that the
military is turning from secular to Islamist,” a source said.

The General Staff has acknowledged the resignation of an unspecified
number of officers. But the command, which oversees the second largest military in NATO, said the retiring officers could be replaced.


Full article: Generals opting out as Turkish military seen ‘turning from secular to Islamist’ (World Tribune)

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