Missile Madness

While the US continues down the road of disarmament, it couldn’t be anymore clear what America’s enemies are doing: Preparing for a war. This article serves to implicate who North Korea’s handlers are. As Mr. Fisher put it, the Chinese don’t seem to care about the rules. That’s true, but it’s also more cynical than that. Their proxies are instrumental in keeping the focus off themselves. That’s not to say that North Korea isn’t a threat, because it is, but rather that the enemy behind the enemy must remain concealed until the moment is right.

The United States has developed the illusion that total disarmament is a demonstration of “moral strength.” When the United States is at its weakest, it will be hit with one clenched fist.

China firms sanctioned for missile proliferation

Four Chinese missile manufacturers and exporters were slapped with U.S. sanctions for illicit sales related to North Korea, Iran, and Syria, the State Department said in a statement late Monday.

The Chinese firms include the China Precision Machinery Import Export Corp., a company identified recently by the Washington Free Beacon as working with Egypt’s government and North Korea to modernize Cairo’s short-range Scud missiles.

The other Chinese firms were identified as BST Technology and Trade Company, Dalian Sunny Industries, and Poly Technologies Incorporated. A Chinese national sanctioned in the past for his role in illicit arms and missile transfers to the Middle East was also sanctioned. He was identified as Li Fangwei, also known as Karl Lee.

Rick Fisher, a China analyst at the International Assessment and Strategy Center, said Dalian Sunny and Karl Lee are well known arms proliferators with activities that span two U.S. administrations.

‪“It does not appear that China is listening to U.S. complaints or sanctions, in much the same way as it refuses to talk about its growing nuclear missile arsenal, its growing threats to Taiwan and Japan,” Fisher said.

Full article: Missile Madness (Washington Free Beacon)

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