Meet history’s most eccentrically evil dictators

Who was the most ruthless dictator most people have not heard of?

Perhaps that would be Chang Hsien-Chung, the seventeenth century Chinese terror who massacred an estimated 40,000,000 people during a five-year killing spree. Although familiar to students of Chinese history, he remains otherwise obscure.

Are there any dictators you included who you found were generally sympathetic figures? Or were they all fundamentally evil?

Maximilian of Mexico was a tragic figure who approached the office of leadership with sound intentions but did not accurately grasp the compass of the position into which he had been thrust.  He was cut down by a firing squad still baffled that he wasn’t loved and appreciated by his constituency.   Fellow Mexican dictator Santa Anna ruthlessly slaughtered the defenders of the Alamo, although he spared their wives and children. Was he fundamentally evil? Let’s say that the darker side of his nature had the upper hand.  Was his fundamentally evil nature tempered by a modicum of compassion and decency?  Perhaps…

What characteristics do dictators generally share? 

The conviction that they are somehow qualified to “govern” others;  that they are superior;  that they are “chosen” or  “elect”; the tendency to get drunk on power and the refusal to relinquish it; subscription to the notion that might makes right; the prerogative of standing above laws which apply only to others and which are designed to herd and control subjugated populations.

What is the most interesting anecdote or anecdotes you discovered while researching the book?

The case of the contemporary African dictator who acceded to power while in his twenties, was deposed, and currently lives with his mother, subsisting on welfare checks.

Full article: Meet history’s most eccentrically evil dictators (The Daily Caller)

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