India warns Kashmir residents to prepare for nuclear war: reports

Following a series of skirmishes between Pakistan and India over the line of control in Kashmir, officials in Indian-controlled Kashmir are telling residents to prepare for a possible nuclear attack, the Associated Press reported today.

The directive was published on Monday in a major local newspaper, and explained how people should stay safe after nuclear weapons are unleashed. It advised people to build toilet-equipped basements or to construct bunkers in their front yards. Residents should also stock their shelters with candles, battery-operated lights, radios, and non perishable foods, the newspaper said, according to AP.

The inspector general at the Civil Defense and State Disaster Response Force told AP that the notice in the newspaper was a “normal exercise.” However, tensions between India and Pakistan are so high that villagers living by the border on the Pakistan side of Kashmir are rebuilding bunkers without having received any notices.

Full article: India warns Kasmir residents to prepare for nuclear war: reports (GlobalPost)

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