Report cites evidence Egypt could be ‘pursuing proliferation’

The Institute for Science and International Security said Egypt could be conducting nuclear activities with applications for the assembly of an atomic bomb.

In a report, the institute urged the United States to pressure the new Islamist regime of President Mohammed Morsi, which receives $1.5 billion in annual aid from Washington, to pledge not to engage in weapons of mass destruction proliferation.

The report, dated an. 14, cited the Egyptian nuclear project at Dabaa.

The institute urged Cairo to adhere to the so-called Additional Protocol of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, established by the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Over the last five years, IAEA has raised concern that Egypt was concealing nuclear experiments that indicated uranium enrichment. The United States has never criticized Egypt’s alleged uranium enrichment.

Full article: Report cites evidence Egypt could be ‘pursuing proliferation’ (World Tribune)

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