China’s “Prepare for War” Orders Unsettling in Japan

It should be interesting to note that while Japan is militarily inferior in comparison to China, it can still go nuclear within months to put an end to Chinese imperialist aggression. Another plausible explanation for the recent threats coming out of Red China is that this is intentionally psychologically preparing the Japanese to come under the Chinese sphere of regional influence throughout Asia. Once they become frightened enough, the already-pacifist society might cave into China’s demand to either be with them or against them.  As the United States continues down it’s own road of cultural and economic suicide, who else does Japan have a choice to align themselves with? Perhaps this also explains the unexplained recent stockpiling of millions of tons of rice: a preparation for war.

With the transfer of power occurring in China, it’s only natural for new policies to be put into effect either for the improvement of society or for purely superficial demonstrations of power to both domestic and international rivals.

Currently a lot is being made on online message boards of reports coming from Chinese media outlining new orders for 2013 which apply to all branches of the People’s Liberation Army. Some Japanese media outlets have been interpreting these orders as “prepare for war… presumably against Japan.”

According to the Chinese military’s news source, PLA Daily documents dated 14 January lay out the goals for this year. These goals include “making firm preparations for war” and “increase the strictness and difficulty of all troops’ training to match combat conditions.”

Although these quotes might sound alarming, they are pretty much identical to the goals laid out last year. In fact they are probably similar to the goals of any military organization anywhere. However, new to the policy this year was an emphasis on coordinating military information between troops as the central goal.

Japan is not mentioned anywhere in connection to these goals. Nevertheless, many would argue that Japan is number one on China’s sh*t-list. This belief has been attributed to tendencies in Chinese media surrounding the ongoing Senkaku Islands dispute.

Full article: China’s “Prepare for War” Orders Unsettling in Japan (RocketNews 24)

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