Al Saud Media: Assad and His Family Stay on a Russian Navy Ship

Translated from Arabic to English by using Google, we now know why he hasn’t been caught just yet:

“Al-Watan” from intelligence sources that the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, he lives with his family and close associates limited him aboard a warship in the Mediterranean sea, guarded by Russian. The informed sources “home” with information, stating that “Assad travels to and from the warship by helicopter afford to a site inside Syria, and transmits its transnational dimension cars common to the People’s Palace under heavy guard, in case he had a date for the formal reception or protocols,” but Most residence be in the ship, according to sources, who attributed it for two reasons: first, to provide a safe environment for the President who has lost confidence, one way or another, in the security cordon near him, and that it was worried that penetrate the ring is easy, according to the sources. In this context published “home” two weeks ago, citing intelligence sources, news recruit and Ministry of Intelligence and Security of Iran’s Dean Hafez Makhlouf – a cousin of President Assad – without the knowledge of Assad and leaders of military and intelligence Syrian, which has become a major concern to the lion of breakthroughs, According to the sources.

The second reason, to establish Assad on board the warship, she reported it to speed up the sources and his exit from the country if the security situation evolved and revolutionaries achieved a breakthrough toward Damascus or within them, and surrounded the presidential palace. And went on sources in its analysis of the presence of al-Assad on board the warship guarding Russian, in that it means two things, first, that the Syrian president is no longer safe, and that he already had been granted political asylum by Moscow, but in private, and its presence on the ship, on the one hand other, easily attainable Moscow without fears, which if it were on the ground in Damascus, in addition to that there may be looming negotiations between the parties to an international may be disclosed in later. It reinforces this analysis, as Russia yesterday that the removal of Assad from power is “impossible to implement”, while urging Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov Syrian opposition to provide ideas for dialogue.

In this context, the Arab League decided to send a mission to neighboring Arab countries to Syria to investigate the situation and needs of displaced Syrians to determine the amount of aid required, by the Conference of the Kuwait International donors on Jan. 30. And decided extraordinary meeting of Arab foreign ministers meeting in Cairo yesterday at the request of Lebanon, a mission to Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq, “to determine the conditions of displaced Syrians and their needs,” according to a statement issued at the conclusion of the meeting, who headed the delegation of the Kingdom to the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Dr. Nizar bin Obaid Madani. He praised the University Council in its resolution closing the “efforts neighboring countries of Syria and its role in Toviralaanaajat urgent and necessary for the displaced”, and stressed the need to “work to continue to provide support and assistance to shelter and relief to the displaced in Lebanon according to plan relief set by the government and continue to provide relief for the displaced in Jordan and Iraq to meet the needs necessary for those affected. “

Full article (Google Translated): Al Saud Media: Assad & His Family Stay on a Russian Navy Ship (Real Syrian Media)

Original source (in Arabic): الأسد يقيم على متن “بارجة” (Alwatan)

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