Report: Nazis plotted radioactive attack on NY

Coming from a country that has a rich history in technological know-how, breakthroughs and advanced concepts, such as the jet engine and hypersonic bombers, this comes as no surprise. Terrorism via sabotage was also planned during this time.  Had the Nazis not been stopped, a Fourth Reich would not be underway.

The Nazis secretly planned to drop a radioactive bomb on New York City from supersonic space rocket, a plot that never panned out but may have paved the way for modern space travel, the Daily Mail reported, citing historians.

According to the report, the head of the German air force during World War II, Hermann Goering, set up a lab and a team of leading scientists to look into the possibility of mounting a radioactive attack on America’s most populous city.

The team, which included Eugen Saenger, a pioneer in the aerospace field, was comissioned to invent a space plane that would be armed with a radioactive bomb. Goering believed such an attack would enable the Third Reich to avenge America’s entry into the war.

Leading historians told the Daily Mail that while the plan was far-fetched, much of the research that went into the project laid the ground for modern space travel research and the space shuttle program.

Full article: Report: Nazis plotted radioactive attack on NY (ynet news)

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