Syrian Rebels Claim Ability to Manufacture Chemical Arms (

Whether it’s Syrian rebels, the Assad regime or a response from Israel, day by day Isaiah 17:1 looks to be coming closer to fruition.

Syrian rebels possess the ability to produce chemical weapons that would be used as a last resort should they face chemical strikes from the Bashar Assad regime, a political counselor to the Free Syrian Army claimed in an interview with Turkey’s official Anatolia news agency last week.

Bassam al-Dada claimed that opposition forces already have the precursor substances and technical understanding to manufacture chemical agents. No other substantiating details were provided in a Hindu news report to back up his claim.

Rebel forces would only carry out chemical attacks if they are first attacked with such weapons by Damascus, al-Dada said. “If we ever use them, we will only hit the regime’s bases and centers,” he said.

Full article: Syrian Rebels Claim Ability to Manufacture Chemical Arms (NTI)

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