Forget Dec. 21, watch out for 1/11, 2/11, 3/11

Little do most people know is that 9/11 happened on the birthday of the KGB founder, Felix Edmundovich Dzerzhinsky. The KGB is also known to have trained Islamic terrorists to serve as proxies (see also here) for a greater war against the United States. Using the terrorists as proxies makes it that much more difficult to trace any involvement of today’s Soviet Union. Henceforth, the term grey terror. One might want to think about 2017, the 100th anniversary of the KGB’s (FSB today) existence. Radical Islamic terrorists cannot fully act on their own under such a capacity without some sort of training or direction.

Al-Qaida is teaming up with Iran to stage massive terror attacks on French and German targets in the next three months, according to an inside source.

Those targets include French Socialist Party headquarters, commerce centers and the Paris Metro rapid transit system.The supreme leader of the Islamic regime, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, held a meeting in Tehran with four top commanders of al-Qaida one month ago at which it was decided to attack certain countries in Europe, France and Germany included, according to the source in Khamenei’s office who can’t be named for security reasons.

The Islamic regime planned these massive terrorist attacks on the world stage, the source said, over the increasing push to oust Syrian President Bashar Assad and Iran’s collapsing economy from sanctions over its nuclear program.

Seventeen al-Qaida terrorists are en route to France to join four already there, according to the source.

Iran wants revenge against France for its support of Israel, the push to oust Assad and leadership in confronting the Islamic regime over its nuclear issue. France has spearheaded increased pressure on Iran within the European Union. It also passed a law banning the full-face Islamic veil, which brought al-Qaida on board as it now sees France as an enemy of Islam, the source said.

Three of the four al-Qaida commanders who met with Khamenei, according to the source, are: Adam Yahiye Gadahn, born and raised in America as Adam Pearlman. He is one of the top 11 leaders of al-Qaida and routinely travels to Iran to collaborate with the Islamic regime. Others are Abdul Rahim Baboyeh, also known as Abu Faraj, and Esam Alzekri, also known as Abu Mohammad.

After the Tehran meeting, members of the regime’s Quds Forces met with the al-Qaida operatives in Pakistan to finalize the terrorist plot, the source added.

The attacks are to take place on the 11th day of January, February or March, the source said, as that day represents a code for al-Qaida’s top 11 commanders who have formed the top leadership since its inception.

After Osama bin Laden was killed, Khamenei took on a greater role in collaborating with al-Qaida, holding regular meetings in Tehran. Al-Qaida’s current leader, Ayman al-Zawahiri, and Adam Gadahn are both in Tehran, the source said, and have met with Khamenei in the past few days. They are being housed at the Sadabad Palace complex at the “Kakhe malakeye madar,” where special foreign guests are hosted.

The planned attacks in France are to be carried out by a terror team led by Razagh J (who is identified only by his last initial) and Vahab Aljesmi, both of Pakistani origin.

Meanwhile, Khamenei has ordered Quds Forces to attack several targets in Germany, too, and 12 Quds operatives are ready to enter Germany, aided by three Hezbollah cell members who are long-time residents of Munich.

The source said the Islamic regime is furious over Germany’s decision to deploy soldiers and Patriot missiles in Turkey in the confrontation with Syria, its lax behavior with the opposition of the Islamic regime in that country where a recent attack on the Iranian embassy in Berlin was allowed to take place, and Germany’s role in the sanctions against Iran over its illicit nuclear program.

The Quds operatives are set to leave for Germany within a week, with some traveling to Dusseldorf first, where one part of the operation is to occur. The sourced said the leader of the terror group is the brother of Mohammad Ali Jafari, the chief commander of the Islamic regime’s Revolutionary Guards.

As reported by WND on Dec. 11, another terror team within America is to attack preselected targets should the Obama administration bring more pressure on the regime or allow Israel to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities.

The information on all of the regime’s potential terrorist activities has been passed on to U.S. authorities for verification and possible countermeasures.

Full article: Forget Dec. 21, watch out for 1/11, 2/11, 3/11 (WND)

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