Xi orders PLA to become ready for ‘real combat’

Xi made the remarks during an inspection conducted from Saturday to Monday at the Guangzhou military theater of operations, a term usually used to emphasize the coordination and joint operations by forces in the air, land and sea, according to a news release issued by military authorities on Wednesday.

Xi also chairs the CPC Central Military Commission, the top decision-making body for China’s armed forces.

China’s People’s Liberation Army, with 2.3 million enlisted personnel, is the largest in the world.

“Bear in mind that it is the soul of the military to obey the command of the Party without compromise, it is the top priority for the military to be able to fight and win battles, and it is fundamental that the military consolidates itself through governing the troops lawfully and austerely,” Xi told officers above the division level of the garrison troops in Guangzhou.

Video footage from Central China Television showed Xi, wearing an army-green suit during his inspection, boarding a PLA Navy destroyer, the Haikou, and having dinner with sailors on the warship. He also examined an armored vehicle and observed a military drill.

He showed his firm belief that on the way to realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, the heroic PLA must carry forward the cause, forge ahead into the future and effectively implement the historic mission.

Li Jie, a professor at the Naval Military Studies Research Institute, said Xi’s order that the PLA strengthen “real combat” awareness comes at a time when the country faces complicated international situations, particularly tensions in its maritime territories.

Full article: Xi orders PLA to become ready for ‘real combat’ (China Daily)

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