Report: China, Russia missile tech threatens U.S. interests in Mideast

This is a prime example of what makes regional war so dangerous this time around. You may sink their ships. You might bomb their tanks. You might even take out quite a number of their military installations and facilities… But what about those that are buried deep in the ground and unreachable to the current weapons the US and Israel may have and use? Or better yet, what about the sites we don’t know about? Both Syria and Iran have tens of thousands of missiles, and they’re advanced. We could lose quite a few bases and ships, resulting in tens of thousands of lives lost on the Allied side.

WASHINGTON — Middle East adversaries could threaten U.S. military bases with advanced ballistic missiles, a think tank said.

The Lexington Institute asserted that Middle East allies of China and Russia were receiving missile technology that threaten U.S. bases in the

The institute, regarded as being close to the Defense Department, said Iran and Syria were developing ballistic missiles that could target U.S. and Western facilities.

“Countries such as Iran and Syria are deploying long-range ballistic missiles and building IADS [integrated air defense systems], often with technology from Russia and even China,” Lexington said.

In a report titled “Hypersonic Weapons May Be A Key Part of the Answer to Anti-Access/Area Denial Challenges,” Lexington said the next challenge to Washington would be the use of missiles and rockets to attack U.S. forward bases and naval expeditionary forces. Lexington said China and Russia were helping their allies, including those in the Middle East, enhance their anti-access/area denial, known as A2/AD, platforms.

Full article: Report: China, Russia missile tech threatens U.S. interests in Mideast (World Tribune)

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