Truck with rockets, artillery shells captured enroute to Gaza

CAIRO — Egypt, pressed by Israel and the United States, have
reported the seizure of a major rocket shipment bound for the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip.

Egyptian security forces were said to have captured one of the largest weapons transport smuggled from Libya and headed for the Gaza Strip.

Officials said Egyptian military and police units intercepted a truck near Libya that contained 108 BM-21 Grad rockets and 400,000 rounds of anti-aircraft artillery shells. Later, the Egyptian-controlled media said about 20,000 rounds were found.

Officials said Egyptian intelligence and security agencies have been ordered to focus on weapons convoys from Libya. They said smugglers have been using the Matrouh highway along the Mediterranean coast.

Still, Israel and the United States were said to have determined that Hamas and Palestinian militia allies continued to receive daily supplies of missiles and rockets from Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula. They said the massive tunnel network that links Sinai and Gaza was operating smoothly.

Full article: Truck with rockets, artillery shells captured enroute to Gaza (World Tribune)

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