Cyber Spies Spotted

Report: Chinese military cyber warfare units identified

China’s military is conducting extensive cyber warfare and spying operations through several electronic intelligence units, including a group identified for the first time called Beijing North Computing Center, according to a new report by a private research group.

“Chinese cyber espionage poses an advanced persistent threat to U.S. national and economic security,” states the report, set for publication Friday.

The report by the Project 2049 Institute, an Arlington, Va.-based think tank that focuses on Asian security issues, concluded that groups operating from Chinese territory have been “waging a coordinated cyber espionage campaign targeting U.S. government, industrial, and think tank computer networks.”

The report said that despite difficulties in identifying direct links to Chinese military hackers, “the PLA General Staff Department (GSD) Third Department is likely a leading authority for cyber surveillance.”

Full article: Cyber Spies Spotted (Washington Free Beacon)

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