Israel Disaster Drills Prepare Nation For War

Israel is conducting mass casualty drills to train the nation for a national disaster which focuses on responding to an earthquake but which military officials admitted was also a rehearsal for how to respond to war.

Mired in conflict since before its birth in 1948, Israel’s first ever national disaster drill envisages 7,000 dead, 70,000 casualties and 170,000 made homeless as a consequence of an earthquake along the Rift Valley fault.

Meanwhile, the joint US-Israeli Austere 12 exercise will see soldiers from both countries deployed in numerous locations, including near civilian areas.

A spokesperson for the Israeli Defence Force has warned that the public may notice increased military activity and some roads may be closed for short periods of time.

Much of the operation will focus on testing the defences against attacks from the air.

Missile protection systems such as the David’s Sling and the Iron Dome batteries will be tested as well as Israel’s medium range Patriot and Arrow2 missiles.

Full article: Israel Disaster Drills Prepare Nation For War (Sky News)

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