Restrict China, protect Canada

Spying has been in the news of late. It’s the 50th anniversary of the James Bond franchise hitting the silver screen, a Canadian naval officer pleaded guilty last week to selling military secrets to Russia, and the U.S. House of Representatives’ intelligence committee warns Chinese state-owned companies shouldn’t be allowed to own firms in highly sensitive sectors of our economies, for fear of corporate espionage.

The committee warned last week that Huawei Technologies and ZTE Corp., two Chinese-based telecommunications giants, should be expelled from the U.S. market to minimize the risk of spying.

The response by the Chinese government was to downplay such concerns and to argue that the Americans were targeting Chinese firms for protectionist reasons.

In addition, the Chinese government and Chinese military are so intertwined with business because of the sheer number of state-owned companies and how they are financed by government sources, that an open, fair and competitive market in China is non-existent.

If that means Chinese firms are restricted from being involved in sensitive technology sectors that could give Chinese companies access to reams of data, so be it.

Full article: Restrict China, protect Canada (The Vancouver Sun)

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