Report: Iran Sanctions Have Failed

Time and time again throughout history it has been proven that third world economies have no bottom. In Iran’s case, as the world increasingly demands oil, it’s quite easy for it to find another trade partner. Furthermore, time and time again, the current US administration has not learned this — or simply doesn’t care.

Economic sanctions on Iran have failed in their “principal objective” of preventing Tehran from obtaining nuclear weapons, according to a nonpartisan study by the Congressional Research Service (CRS).

Sanctions “have not stopped Iran from building up its conventional military and missile capabilities, in large part with indigenous skills,” according to the report, which was released earlier this week.

The study complicates arguments made by the Obama administration and others who maintain Western sanctions have brought Iran to the brink of economic collapse, possibly forcing it to abandon its clandestine nuclear enrichment program.

“The CRS conclusions demonstrate the error of Obama administration claims that their Iran policy is working,” Elliott Abrams, former adviser for President George W. Bush, told the Washington Free Beacon. “Sanctions hurt Iran’s economy, but that is not our goal; forcing change in their nuclear program is the goal and sanctions have not achieved it.”

Sanctions have not deterred Iran from behaving erratically, Abrams said.

“Iran continues its nuclear weapons program, supports terror, builds missiles, and most recently is supporting the Assad regime’s murderous policy in Syria,” Abrams said. “The sanctions have failed to deter the Iranian regime from any of this pernicious and dangerous activity.”

Full article: Report: Iran Sanctions Have Failed (Washington Free Beacon)

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