Reset Claims Nunn-Luga

Russia pulls out of nuclear aid program in setback for Obama reset policies

Russia’s government announced on Wednesday it is pulling out of the multi-billion dollar Cooperative Threat Reduction program that since the early 1990s helped Moscow dismantle nuclear weapons and missiles, United States officials said.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry announced that it does not plan to extend the agreement with the U.S. when it expires next year.

The pullout is the latest in a string of foreign policy failures for President Barack Obama and his administration’s conciliatory “reset” policy toward Russia that sought to improve relations with the increasingly anti-U.S. government in Moscow.

Russia has stepped up opposition to the U.S. in the past four years in spite of administration concessions on missile defenses in Europe and other foreign policy and security issues that were designed to improve relations.

Full article: Reset Claims Nunn-Luga (Washington Free Beacon)

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