Open letter to the American people: We Soviet emigres have already seen this movie

Am I to believe that I have wasted forty years of my life in this country trying to explain the nature of dictatorship and what it meant to have been born and lived in Stalin’s paradise the first half of my life?

Have I failed to pass on to you my first-hand knowledge of the misery of millions of those gullible, trusting Russian people, who fell prey to the fiery, well-rehearsed speeches of those eloquent Marxist social-revolutionaries, who promised fraternity, equal rights, free medicine, free education for all, good life, and sharing the wealth of the rich only to find themselves trapped for life in that socialist, inhuman, criminal “experiment.” What did the Russians get instead? Lies, empty promises, high unemployment, and more lies.

Sounds familliar?

America for us Russians was a dream, a fairy tale, a beacon of justice and freedom. It was the country we all dreamed about. And I have lived long enough in this country of my dream to witness the triumph of justice — the racial equality, the color-blind America — the election of the first black president of the United States! The American voters must have made the right choice, I thought — young, bright, an accomplished student of law.

It is one thing to tell you (to gain your sympathy and your vote) that he is one of you, that he understands you and knows how it feels to live from check to check or not have a job. And it’s quite another thing to become one of you — to lose a job, to lose your house because of the mortgage you cannot any longer afford to pay or not being able to send his daughters to a school of his choice.

Obama was your wrong choice. Do not give him another chance to carry out his agenda to convert this unique country into the Soviet-style “socialist paradise.” It was a painful experience for Russia, and it won’t work for this country. It took the Russian people almost a century to gain back even a remote semblance of freedom, like traveling abroad or having their own businesses. All their attempts at achieving full democracy have failed, because the people are unarmed and do not have the right to bear arms.

And hasn’t Obama been advocating the gun control? This is how it all starts, and before you know it he will sign it into law, in violation of American Constitution, which grants the people the right to bear arms to defend themselves. Another four years in office and Obama will irreversibly change these United States of America as we know it.

Full article: Open letter to the American people: We Soviet emigres have already seen this movie (World Tribune)

2 responses to “Open letter to the American people: We Soviet emigres have already seen this movie

  1. living in canada I from former Czechoslovakia very very understand, what Lev want to say. The situation all over the planet is pretty allarming. Probably there is the time for people not only Americans to wake up. The world start to be unprecedentely dangerous. Well, just saying.

    • Your remark is interesting and also gives credence to the notion that the United States is “losing it”, be it culture, religion, education, military superiority or edification in general. There are also quite a few German nationals living in the United States who have an understanding for real world history, or who have had family living during the Nazi regime era that have said the same. We’re repeating history, yet the citizens are blind and willfully ignorant. It’s difficult to see the USA “as we know it” surviving another four years of the current administration.

      Thank you for the comment and feel free to continue dropping by.