Iran Withdraws Troops From Syria

The Assad regime finds itself in a corner, and now without allies in the region. The only thing propping the leadership up is continued support from Russia and China, be it diplomatically or by weapons armaments. Sooner, rather than later, Assad will have to make a choice: Surrender or spark an all-out war. Surrendering is likely not an option as he has gone too far in killing his own citizens and probably wind up executed like Saddam Hussein, or it will end up being a repeat of what happened to Ghadaffi. An all-out war, as discussed in previous posts will mean most likely the use of WMDs and consequently the permanent leveling of Damascus, possibly by nuclear means as the useage of chemical or biological weapons means all bets are off.

Hundreds of Iranian soldiers have been withdrawn from Syria in a move that may indicate the beginning of the end of the Syrian-Iranian relationship.

Two hundred and seventy-five Revolutionary Guard forces from the elite “Unit 400″ traveled back to Iran last week after months of fighting alongside the Syrian Army against the armed rebel opposition.

Western intelligence reports said the Iranian Quds soldiers flew out last week, and the order was confirmed by a relative of one of the Iranian officers stationed there.

Whether due to economic reasons, waning enthusiasm for Syria, or both, the move to withdraw some of its support forces in Syria indicates Iran may know it’s fighting a losing battle to save Syrian President Bashar Assad’s regime.

Bible prophecy indicates that despite their history of cooperation, Syrian and Iran will not be allies within the same power bloc in the end time. As the Syrian opposition continues to fight and Assad continues losing support, watch for the rift between Syria and Iran to grow.

Full article: Iran Withdraws Troops From Syria (The Trumpet)

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